Our DJ’s keep up with all of that new music and the remixes too… we even create our own mixes!

We speak clearly, we mix current and classic dance floor favorites together seamlessly, and we only play the "radio-friendly" versions!

We know a younger crowd can sometimes be very specific about their music, so listening to their suggestions is important.

That's why we spend a lot of time researching the hottest trends in music, fashion and entertainment; and then we weave all of those trends into a school dance with style!

Student Events

* Prom * Homecoming * Any Formal *

Are you looking for a nightclub style DJ for your school dance who knows new music & can actually mix it?

(541) 821-0544

School Special

Book 2 Events, 3rd one is *FREE!

Now ask yourself a Question:

Do you want a DJ that sounds like they just plugged in an iPod? Or do you want a DJ that knows how to ROCK A PARTY? We've played college and school dances all over the Southern Oregon area and built our reputation for filling dance-floors! We only have experienced, professional DJs who want your party be amazing!

Hey, we know what great music means to you, and THAT'S why we're here!

Impulz Entertainment is in business because we know that the music can "make or break" any celebration! Whether it’s homecoming, prom or any other dance; we understand the effort that's put into it… by both staff and students. We understand that you want it to be as perfect as possible. Let us help you give your students or classmates something to remember! Because let’s face it, high school memories; whether good or bad; can stay with us forever!

Student Events: Prices vary depending on your specific event - contact us!

This is for current student ages; for Class Reunion prices, see Hourly Events.

Note: No time is charged for setup and takedown, only for playing time.

Minimum payment of 2 hours is required for all hourly functions.

Hourly charges are rounded up to the next 1/2/ hour; not pro-rated by minutes.

Don't forget to check out our Lighting Packages! Click HERE!

* Special: Book 2 Events with us and the 3rd one is FREE mst be used within the same school year and cannot be transferred between schools, give us a call for more detailed information.