Impulz Entertainment also offers Street Team promotions...Need to get the word out about your event? We got it!

I.E VENUE PROMOTION offers direct marketing to consumers with collateral distributions and flyer distributions in Southern Oregon. This is a great way to create a targeted buzz. Buzz Marketing, Street Marketing, Target Marketing, Wild Posting, Street Team Promotions, Brand Ambassadors, In-store promotions Street Teams or brand ambassadors will work to strategically deliver your brand message to consumers in your specific market..

Tactics include: hand-to-hand direct engagement or an all-city "blitz & saturation" campaign in high-traffic areas and into community retail hot-spots.

Great for your event marketing, event promotions, youth marketing, peer-to-peer, w-o-m and buzz!

•Street Teams

•Flyer Distributions

•Premiums & Collateral

•Postcard Distributions

•Public and Hand-to-Hand

•Retail Blasts

•Guerrilla Style Distributions

Give IMPULZ ENTERTAINMENT a call today at (541) 210-0319 to see what we can do for your next event!!!

Our Bar & Nightclub DJ's are available at any venue, anywhere in Southern Oregon - ANYTIME!!!

If you have a Southern Oregon area nightclub or bar, and you're looking for something new or looking to get more of a crowd in; we can help!

At Impulz Entertainment we are skilled in all genres of music, and we have thousands of song to choose from. We are up to date every week on the newest music and know the hits from all genres. We take requests and we have plenty of ideas to keep your bar/club different and fresh every week.

Imagine your dancefloor packed with patrons... cheering when they hear their favorite new songs and singing along to their favorite classic tracks! A packed dancefloor is a happy crowd, and a happy crowd is a thirsty crowd... and one that will come back more and more often!

Remember: We are a professional company that is reliable, on-time, and always responsible. We are not there to take advantage of your drink specials or your patrons. We will NEVER be drunk on the job, and will treat your establishment like a job we’re hired to do… not an opportunity to party!

Of course, we keep private events private... but if you want us to promote your bar or nightclub; we'll splash where we'll be DJing all over our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & website!

Bars & Nightclubs

Your Sound System or Ours...

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Venue Promotions